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The modern ostrich industry started in the late 1980's. At the time, there was little, if any, published research. Extensive methods of production were utilised.  Information that was available, that resulted from these extensive farming methods, indicated the sub-standard levels of production.

The export of ostriches to many countries commenced which encouraged breeder markets without any yearling bird slaughter markets in place. This resulted in all birds sold as breeders regardless of their production potential or suitability as breeders.  Dealers, traders and support specialists dominated these markets with limited, if any, background in production agriculture.  In this environment, there is limited opportunity to produce individual bird records or to build a large database of meaningful information.

Many myths developed on methods of production required for ostrich, most not in line with normal livestock husbandry practices or sound principles of livestock nutrition.  During the early 1990’s the United States ostrich industry grew rapidly providing the opportunity develop a sound understanding of Ostrich and to observe their responses when fed and managed correctly.   The breeder market collapsed rapidly with farmers running out of cash before the commercial markets became established.   

Blue Mountain Feeds and some of their customers have carried out different studies and published a number of papers. The table below lists a number of these studies and includes a review of outside research projects that have had a strong impact on our industry.

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Papers Trials and Studies Economics and Industry Matters
Influences of Ostrich Skin Quality . . . Age or Nutrition? Weight Gain Economics of Processing Ostrich
Ostrich Growth Curve Comparisons Increasing Revenue
Pelleted Feed vs Ground Feed Ostrich Industry Analysis
Effects of Nutrition on Egg Follicles Benchmarking
Yellow Liver Chick Study Future Potential Ostrich Production
How to identify Quality Slaughter Birds
How to Identify Quality Breeders Hens Future Research*
How to Identify Quality Breeder Males  
Comparative Carcass Studies  
Comparative Meat quality  
  Fat Studies  

* Ostrich Research Review and Future Research
This report is in two parts. The first part set out to review research carried out over the past few years that have had a major influence on our industry and help explain the continued poor production generally prevalent throughout the industry. Download the report in pdf format or read on line.

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